Friday, January 2, 2009

all I want for Christmas is...

It's totally churlish to start writing a Xmas wish list on January 2nd but....  I want Santa to bring me an ice-cream maker come Dec 2009!  I have been inspired by this recipe but the hardcore whisking required dulls my enthusiasm somewhat.  Perhaps someone out there who owns a magic ice-cream making device could try it and let me know how it goes?  Even post some to me in an esky marked 'urgent'?!

It's an English recipe and I love how it specifies English over French lavender - historical cultural divisions run deep!

Lavender & Honey Ice-Cream 

2 teaspoons lavender petals (English not French)

4 tablespoons honey (acacia if you have it….but not essential)

2-4 tablespoons icing sugar (use 2 to start off with and then add to taste - I tend to use more like 2 1/2)

Juice of 1 lemon

1/2 pint double cream

1/4 pint greek yoghurt


Marinate the lavender petals with the honey, icing sugar and lemon juice for an hour or so.
Lightly whip the cream and mix in the honey/lavender mixture.
Fold in the yoghurt.

Freeze - either in an ice-cream machine (if you have one - if you do, you don’t really need to whip the cream, just mix it with the yoghurt/lavender/honey mixture and put it in the machine until done), or if you don’t have a machine, put into a wide-ish shallow plastic container in the freezer and check every 45 minutes or so to see if ice particles are developing and give a good beat with a whisk to disperse them. You should ideally do this about 3 or 4 times.

Take out of the freezer about 15-25 minutes before serving to allow to thaw a little (this mix sets very hard).

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