Friday, January 14, 2011

Make it snappy. And cakey.

Oh wow. Years have passed. A lot has happened - I got quite sick and I had to change the way I eat. To stay well, I have changed the way I cook and bake too.

But yumminess MUST be had and a new food hero is David Lebovitz who has this brilliant life living and cooking in Paris and experimenting with many different ways of making sweet treats. From what I've tried, he gets it very right.

My friend Lou (another of my food heroes) introduced me to him via his exquisite Zucchini Cake. I have also made his Gingersnaps which are black-peppery and brilliant.

So this is a lazy post directing you to other links but, hey, I've been super-lax at blogging and I need to get my strength up gradually... I better eat some more cake and biscuits to refuel...

1 comment:

lou said...

I can attest that those gingersnaps are delicious, and best enjoyed by a pool with you xoxo